Black Webs

Black Webs

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Lydia took his breath away. No matter how long it had been since he'd begun admiring her, it always felt different somehow. Every time he looked at Lydia, it was like he was looking at her for the first time. She was like the sun, or the moon or the stars or the ocean... one could never tire of looking at her. She was Lydia freaking Martin, a strawberry-blonde whirlwind, a nightmare, a daydream. 


Lydia Martin didn't believe in last season's trends or shoes that did not make her look at least six inches taller, but she did believe in Spiderman; New York City's resident hero. She had a blog about him. Her best friend had a fanclub that sold his coffee mugs and t-shirts. Everyone around her had crossed paths with Spiderman in some way or the other. Except her. That was, until one cataclysmic night swept her into the madness that was his world. 

All image and video credits go to their rightful creators (except for certain edits, which are mine). 

{Stiles Stilinski is Spiderman in this Stydia! AU.}

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I love the trailor, vid, whatever it is. Lol. First time reading and I'm already so excited!!!
yes guys, lydia is married to him. no, i don't understand how.
greenfjd greenfjd May 25
Whenever I attempt (never get past 50 seconds) to listen to that song I cry my eyes out because it's so beautiful and reminds me something even more💕😅
Your story is literally the most amazing thing ever. I was skeptical at first but I love it <3
greenfjd greenfjd May 25
Okay I'm actually crying
                              You shush boy!!! You are amazing and deserve the whole entire world💕💕💕💕💕💕