Night Lights {Nordics x Reader}

Night Lights {Nordics x Reader}

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Kottaline By Kottaline93 Updated Apr 01

I've got to get out of here, now. I just need somewhere with light and walls. That's all I need. But is that really too much to ask for? You were running through pitch black woods with your (h/c) hair twisting around your head in all directions because of the freezing wind. You had turned to see if the wolves you were running from were still behind you. You quickly realized they were when you ran into a tree and heard growling as you hit the ground. 

"Son of a.." you were cut off by one of the wolves jumping forward and ripping your sleeve, nearly missing your arm. You screamed and crawled backwards, which cornered against you against the tree you had run into. The largest of all the wolves slowly made his way forward. The only thing that could be heard was the snow crunching underneath him and your heavy breathing. He sprung forward with his mouth wide. The last thing you saw was his glowing red eyes and teeth.

~Your P.O.V.~

My eyes flung open as I quickly bolted up and hit my head...

Nyo_Romano Nyo_Romano Oct 30
...... He hugged me in his boxers and skips away like sh!t didn't happen? Wow..
I thought that said French accent and I was like
                              "Wait...France? Why is he in the bathroom?"
Wait. 2:00? I thought reader-chan started at like 12:30? Wtf...
My baes kidnapped me...BEST DAY EVER! 
                              Lol...technically 99.9% of hetalia characters are my baes....
Don't worry guys it's normal for reader-chan to yell 'HELL YEAH!' in the shower......nothing to worry aboot.....
Wolves don't just randomly chase you I'm good with dogs because I smell like one