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Gods and Howls (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

Gods and Howls (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

19.5K Reads 820 Votes 5 Part Story
Jamie Ramos By jbat3602 Updated Sep 29, 2015

Percy Jackson had to leave his cousin and best friend, Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski, behind when he was just a boy when monsters started to catch his scent and come after him. What will happen when he comes back to Beacon Hills after 8 years?

xAlex_Winchesterx xAlex_Winchesterx Sep 14, 2016
"Take a hint, take a hint...Let me tell you what I think, I think you could use a mint, take a hint, take a hint"
What the -?! NO!! Get all your asses back here !! We are having another vote!!! THE SHEER NUMBER OF FANS OVERPOWER YOU, ZEUS!!!
fandom_lover_101 fandom_lover_101 Sep 28, 2016
What? They are kicking Percy out? This is Zeus' fault. He is so dramatic
AshtheAmazingMerlin AshtheAmazingMerlin Mar 20, 2016
I'm either Percy or Stiles when it comes to laying down on the couch
36bluedrinks 36bluedrinks Mar 29, 2016
He's learning not to let his persassy show, finally seaweed brain:)
Fangirl4LYF1865 Fangirl4LYF1865 Nov 11, 2015
WTF?!? He saved you guys more than once! He returned your lightnig bolt *pointing at Zeus*! He saved that camp*pointing to camp half-blood*! He... so you want me to go on? Cause I can be here all day!