The Sleeping Gilbert (TVD FanFic)

The Sleeping Gilbert (TVD FanFic)

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Philomena By Randomer611 Updated Jul 28

Annora Gilbert. That's her name. She was in a coma for three years. When she mysteriously wakes up. What kind of trouble will she get in with Vampires, Werewolves, doppleganger,Witches and even hybrids. But one question remains why did she slip into a coma three years ago? How did she slip into a coma three years ago?
 A powerful witch who wants revenge? Maybe.
She ate a fork? No.
To obtain powers? Possibly.
A disease?
Find out in this Fanfiction. 

I don't own anything but my own characters and ideas.

Don't take what I write offensive or hurtful. That is not the purpose of this Fanfic. I'm writing it out of boredom, maybe to improve my writing skills and the most important thing. Fun.

Hilly Hindi As Annora Gilbert.

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