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She's Ours [Himuro & Kise NSFW]

She's Ours [Himuro & Kise NSFW]

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lágrimas By ShadesOfLemons Updated Sep 09, 2015

"Good morning [Last Name]cchi~" The [Hair Color] haired female turned around to see the man whose voice had startled her. Clad in only a black t-shirt and boxers, the blonde walked towards the [Skin Color] female. "A-ah good morning Kise-kun," her voice was soft and her cheeks were slightly tinted with a rose hue, "d-did you s-sleep well?" He hummed cheerfully in response, "Today is going to be amazing~" The woman of fair height looked at the tall, handsome male with a glint of of curiosity in her marvelously beautiful [Eye Color] eyes, "M-may I ask why?" The blond beauty giggled at her query, "Of course [Last Name]cchi~ Today Himurocchi and I have a photoshoot here in Tokyo and we get to choose a pretty little lady to accompany us!~" A soft smile adorned her plump, soft pink lips, "W-well I-I hope t-that the photoshoot goes w-well." 

Kise smiled brightly at the [Hair Color] haired female, "It will since your the pretty little lady that gets to be in it with us!~" [Name]'s eyes widene...

FabFeline FabFeline Mar 29
Why is everyone complaining about the stuttering. -_- Please stop. With all due respect, it's annoying.
SeinSensei SeinSensei Apr 19
I always carry around a deck of cards with me so does that count?
SugaChuuu SugaChuuu 4 days ago
Just so you know Momoi-chan,Kuroko Tetsuya is MIINEEE 😂😂✌️
SMDaoba2 SMDaoba2 Feb 07
B-b-b-bitch I-if y-you d-don't S-stop S-S-S-stuttering!!! 
UcelloLuca UcelloLuca Jan 01
S-s-s-t-t-t-o-o-o-o-o-p-p s-t-t-t-uttering t-t-o-o m-m-much...
Milzebob Milzebob Nov 05, 2015
                              OH GOD
                              WHY DID I ENJOY THIS
                              SHE LITERALLY IS ME
                              I STUTTER LIKE THAT