Living with My Idol! (A Jesse McCartney FanFiction) - [Re-Editing]

Living with My Idol! (A Jesse McCartney FanFiction) - [Re-Editing]

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ghostgal23 By ghostgal23 Updated Jun 23, 2015

When Jace E. Lynn wins a scholarship to study overseas in New York, USA, she doesn't tell her family. She runs away from home and boards a plane. She bumps into her biggest idol, Jesse McCartney when she visits a restroom in first-class. When she returns to her seat, she is harassed by an overly-self-deluded man who demands Jace to be reseated. However, there were no more empty seats in the economy class so she was placed in first class.

And with all her luck, who was it she sat next to? 


Jace had no place to stay and begs Jesse to let him stay at his place until she finds a new place to live.

Jesse finally gives in when he brought her back to his parent's home which was already fully inhabited.

Perhaps it was just pure coincidence, or maybe it was fate, what happens when a fan lives with an idol?

Find out in "Living With My Idol!"

-Under Editing-

[I apologize for keeping this story hanging for so long]

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Jmacer4ever Jmacer4ever Jun 27, 2015
Jesse is so much nicer than this in real life ☺ I can't stand to read how he's acting in this story but I'm still gonna read it though.
ParamoreRockerAngel ParamoreRockerAngel Dec 08, 2013
good, but I feel like this story is making him look like a jerk.
phangirling_pheels phangirling_pheels Apr 14, 2013
i thought it was pretty funny. and it seems like a really good book so far. plus i really love jesse mccartney <3
ghostgal23 ghostgal23 May 26, 2012
@ZaharAlao hahaha, naw i think it's everyone, he's meant to seem like that . I mean, every guy's part douche, don't you think so? XD
zahar_alao zahar_alao May 24, 2012
idk if its just me or wat,... but this story kinda makes him seem like a butt
ghostgal23 ghostgal23 Apr 22, 2012
@john_chan haha really? I think I'm starting to lack my humour now tho :O and thanks again :D