OGOC & Freshlee Dirty Imagines

OGOC & Freshlee Dirty Imagines

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Imagine Jack your boyfriend of two years invited you over to his house party. You weren't really a party person but you did want to spend some time with him. You quickly got ready for the party. Just wearing a little black dress. You curled your hear and brushed it over your shoulder and wore smokey eyes and red lips. As you were finished with getting ready you walked to your car and drove over to his house. Walking into his house you saw already lots of people you knew from school and a lot of people you never saw. You walked around the house trying to find Jack. As you were about to check in the kitchen somebody slapped your ass and whistled at you. You turned around thinking it was Jack who was super drunk but it wasn't him. Instead of Jack it was a completely stranger, getting really close to you.

"Would you please leave me alone?" you snapped trying to be not so rude and pushed him away.

"Oh c'mon baby. I know you want it too" he said trying to grab you.

"Get off!" you shouted ...

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fukmedaddiii fukmedaddiii Jun 17, 2017
                              MOUTH WIDE OPEN
                              PUT IT SO DEEP I CAN'T SPEAK A SENTENCE
Everyone is saying the birds from Nemo and I'm saying me in volleyball
VampireBadgirls101 VampireBadgirls101 Nov 30, 2016
Bitch y are you sure you don't have whistle in your throught bacause your voice be squicky