Violet (Street Fighter #1)

Violet (Street Fighter #1)

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Jodi Ellen Charlie Carelse By NightmareCrusader Updated Jun 25, 2016

Peyton - Violet - Rhys is well known at her school for being a whore's daughter. She is unpopular and bullied by her ex-friends every day. Not to mention that two of the most dangerous and equally gorgeous boys hate her guts for something she didn't even do. 

What everyone doesn't know is that Violet is secretly a street fighter, who makes thousands a week, because she's that good, but not always good enough. 
When her mother is attacked, she goes to live with her fighting trainer and his brother, Raphael and Craig Thorne. Only problem is that those two gorgeous and dangerous boys live there too, and they're not too happy about having her as a house guest. 

To make things worse, she's being stalked by the same person who attacked her mother, and not even her fighting skills can help her with that

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Bella__10 Bella__10 Apr 05, 2017
But If she makes thousands a night from fighting then why doesn't she tell her mum so her mum doesn't have to be a prostitute and can find a better job even if it doesn't pay the best?
Bella__10 Bella__10 Apr 05, 2017
Her mum is in critical condition and almost died along with someone after her and you sadistic fucks still act like this towards her?!
pineapplegirl4503 pineapplegirl4503 May 06, 2017
R u kidding me...of course they think of u like that with the way you treat her