Meet The Banks

Meet The Banks

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Meet the Banks:  Tristen Banks, the oldest brother in the family. He's overly protective and strict and always keeps the family in check.  

Next...  Noah Banks, the sweet and calm brother. He's the white flag, keeping everyone happy with no trouble. Also a great listener :)  

Next...  Jace & Chase Banks - the twins. They have one mind between them, thinking and doing things together.  Jace is the prankster and trouble maker, always coming up with different ideas, so be aware if you get on his bad side.  Chase is more nicer than Jace, who thinks before he acts. However, he can be a little devil with Jace. ;)  

And lastly...  Scarlett Banks, the youngest and only female sibling. She's tough and smart, living with all males. Doesn't take any crap from anyone and always has your back.   

She is the angel of the Banks family, with her brothers all looking out for her.   
These siblings are a untied family. No one messes with them or else. 

But what happens when they make a vow, a vow they promised to not break. And what happens when Scarlett secretly breaks the forbidden vow?

LianaRae26 LianaRae26 Jul 21
This is me the youngest of 5. Being the only girl I get away with everything! 😈
I have five bro's. 
                              So it's fun, and trouble at the same time ;)
My brother steals my shirts and it drives me crazy. I mean I know they say funny things but they are girls cut. Yeah I'm a girl so it's even weirder HER wears my stuff.
intakemusic intakemusic Aug 07, 2014
Whenever I steal my brothers shirts he always gets so angry at me which is why I keep taking them