Himitsu~ {Killua x Reader} (Modern AU)

Himitsu~ {Killua x Reader} (Modern AU)

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YUME HITOHANA By YumeNeechan Completed

"She was everyday's crossdresser,but then she became his lover."

(Y/N) was just an everyday crossdresser,
But that all change when a certain white haired boy came into her life.

Created : May 17,2015

Disclaimer : I don't own HxH nor the pictures shown...I only own my OC's later shown

Credits to @secretlyuchiha for making the book cover~

Pfft NO I AM NOT A GIRL! (Whispers)....maybe....I am...maybe I'm not...
But.... I'm not flat chested at all... I'm like the complete opposite.. (O_O)
PFFFFT NAHHH *whispers to the nearest potato* I've been caught..get the missile ready..
Killanami Killanami Jun 05
Killana-youre name 
                              Mikage-last name
                              Long-hair color
                              Silverette-hair color
                              Blue-eye color
                              Tomoe-boys name
SkyWolf2 SkyWolf2 Aug 26
*Magically transforms into a guy for a certain amount of time* I have no idea what you are talking about......
Mirrashards Mirrashards Jun 08
Oh me,I'm just a bisexual who likes dressing as a boy
                              I read sasuke fanfics,naruto fics,hinata,Madara, ect.
                              I love YouTube Melanie and more 
                              Also for some reason I want to rape u but don't worry I won't do it............................yet😏