My Real Girlfriend BOOK 2 ( A Gruvia Fanfic ) ✔

My Real Girlfriend BOOK 2 ( A Gruvia Fanfic ) ✔

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JIKOOK ♥ GRUVIA By Gruvia3867 Completed

[A/N: You might see some grammatical errors in this book and I apologize for that because English is not my first language.]

2ռɖ ɮօօҡ օʄ 'Mʏ Gɨʀʟʄʀɨɛռɖ ʄօʀ a Mօռtɦ'.

It all started with a "fake" dating, "fake" acting and "fake" feelings. But, after thinking it through, what if everything becomes "REAL"?

Finally, Gray realized his feelings towards Juvia but the question is, how long is their love gonna last?

Cover made by: SecretlyUchiha

Started: May 19, 2015
Finished: July 21, 2017

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Yea but don't worry I'm shy too but I don't have a boyfriend
My favourite but about this chapter is the munch munch, gulp 😂
Sherlyn0728 Sherlyn0728 Mar 27
*sees picture*......*closes app* .....*becomes a sushi role in bed and starts crying* ...this is purrrrrrfect
arikswsome87 arikswsome87 Nov 27, 2017
Then why don't the girls just ask the guy out if they were gonna plan the date anyway.
Well Lyon did it to her Gray you lettin you'd wannabe cousin be the man here
She is a free women if she wants Jollibee LET HER HAVE JOLLIBEE