Homewrecker//Scott McCall  {DISCONTINUED}

Homewrecker//Scott McCall {DISCONTINUED}

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Elliot Salvatore By ElliotSalvatore Completed

Elliot Winchester is the 17 year old daughter of Dean Winchester. She runs away to have a somewhat normal life away from her father and hunting. She moves to Beacon Hills, California, joining Beacon Hills High School. But what she doesn't know, is that one look from a certain Alpha will change everything. That one look, when the True Alpha finds his soul mate.

*I do not own anything except Elliot and my ideas*

[Supernatural/Teen Wolf Fanfiction]


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I love that song. Plus the song gentleman by Theory of a dead man
Not a were wolf (awkward laugh) he is just... Um... magician..? Abra Kadabra anyone? No? Okay I'm going.
insane_Kid insane_Kid Aug 23
                              I REPEAT
                              DADDY CAS KISSED HER FOREHEAD
insane_Kid insane_Kid Aug 23
Omg I want her to be a badass girl in the lacrosse team so bad!!
VagaryHopey VagaryHopey May 07
Oh my god that little detail from that one episode when coach asks whats wrong with your friend to stiles ajshaha
insane_Kid insane_Kid Aug 23
She's just like Sammy
                              When he ran away to make his own decisions