Homewrecker//Scott McCall

Homewrecker//Scott McCall

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Elliot Salvatore By ElliotSalvatore Updated Dec 01

Elliot Winchester is the 17 year old daughter of Dean Winchester. She runs away to have a somewhat normal life away from her father and hunting. She moves to Beacon Hills, California, joining Beacon Hills High School. But what she doesn't know, is that one look from a certain Alpha will change everything. That one look, when the True Alpha finds his soul mate.

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[Supernatural/Teen Wolf Fanfiction]

Please let issac, Lydia, ethan aiden, peter, deucalion derek and malia show up 💙💚💛💜❤
Lol if anyone would want his kid to go to school it'd be dean... Sorry I'm a supernatural fan...
Dude no! You said no mode lies after freeing the 7th seal mistake
alex5327 alex5327 Jul 16
lemme casually bring a knife you know can't forget that essential
Ohh come on... i like Kira but i want this Winchester and Scott to be together.... Scott plz break up with Kira gently 😝😝😜
Cas and dean are gonna flip if you let their kid run away ✌