What Mate?! boyxboy (Hiatus)

What Mate?! boyxboy (Hiatus)

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Sassy / Evil Over Lord / Mrs. Grey By sassy_bunny Updated Sep 21, 2013

The White Knight pack is in terrible crisis.

The packs current alpha is getting old and since his only son, Stefan Knight, turned 18 his Alpha added powers are slowly disappearing making him as strong as any other werewolf out there. Which would have been all good and dandy if they weren't going to be attacked by a bunch of rogues trying to steal their pack in two weeks time.

Now they are all counting on Stefan to find his mate and mark him before the rogues appear.

Luckily Stefan did find his mate. But the she he was always dreaming of finding, falling in love with, sharing a kiss, making love and having little pups with isn't exactly a she.

But a very beautiful and charming he.

Alex Ford.

Mister popular, loved by all, not a single soul could defy.

But Stefan's straight! Or at least he thinks so...

Will Stefan over look the problem of their sexuality and pay attention to what his heart wants and his people need?

zQueenofPunkrock zQueenofPunkrock Feb 12, 2016
Lol Is he actually the Alpha cause truth be told he sounds like a whiny little bitch. On top of that aren't alphas supposed to be more put together. Oh and I'm not criticizing I actually think it's really refreshing and adorable. In short I really like it
DEMONSLAYER20015 DEMONSLAYER20015 Jan 23, 2016
That is so my mom when I don't get out of my bed and my sister xD
y_so_jelly y_so_jelly Sep 01, 2015
what if your mate is not a she but a he and then you will be wrong but that's just me
Book_Monster_Rawr Book_Monster_Rawr Jul 27, 2015
I'm not being a ghost, it just won't let me vote. so I'll have to figure that out but I will vote.
1Dshipperfornutella 1Dshipperfornutella May 14, 2015
That's like saying follow my heart but it's inside my body so how the heck can I follow it?
pinkXkisses pinkXkisses Jul 13, 2014
I just wanted to say in the summary instead of putting her you put him. But anywho I'm excited to read