Among the Wolves

Among the Wolves

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Grayson By XxxGraysonxxX Updated Jan 10

Meet Catherine. She has fiery ginger hair and chocolate brown eyes.  Now meet Xavier Steel, better known as Steel. 
It was dark. 

A loud growl broke through the empty streets, I froze and looked around. I lived in Oregon, where no wolves lived for miles. It couldn't be. Shaking that off I walked at a faster pace down the street then before. 

Suddenly I was slammed against a wall in the alley. "Let me go please" I cried and thrashed about trying to be set free. Sparks danced on my skin where a large hand engulfed my shoulder. 

"Don't move" a booming voice growled in front of me, the tears went freely down my cheeks as I bowed my head. Fear. "Let me go. Please" I whimpered while the stranger growled again. 

"Your MINE!" he snarled loudly.

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