Twisted Sanity (Juuzou Suzuya x Reader)

Twisted Sanity (Juuzou Suzuya x Reader)

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You don't remember your past.
Your family? It doesn't exist.
Feelings? Well what are feelings?

Broken. You are broken. 
Twisted to the point of no return, far from being okay.

"Maybe you're not the only one out there who feels this way."
- Maybe your soulmate is just an inch away from you.

Warning!!: Blood, gore, cursing, (violence), (sexuality) 
() = marked. 
Some things may be triggering for some people, so read at your own "risk".

Also: I don't "own" the characters, I just "own" the plot.

In case you want to read the story in spanish, @Kuro_Kodoku translated it for you! Go check that out! :)

You're from Germany?
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LeviBaechou LeviBaechou Jun 07
I can't even run a solid 5 seconds without seeing my gruesome death and fast approaching unconsciousness
Tackjack420 Tackjack420 Oct 06
Maybe because I killed all.those people.robbed tons of banks and Destroyed towns
I can't even go 5 seconds without breathing hard because of my idiotic Asthma.😂😑✌👎
izzival izzival Aug 30
I got like 5 seconds in and knew where this chapter was going.... oh well
MckennaHiam MckennaHiam Sep 12
I can't run even if my life depends on it if you want me to run have some food for me