Twisted Sanity (Juuzou Suzuya x Reader)

Twisted Sanity (Juuzou Suzuya x Reader)

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Twisted. Sanity.
You don't remember your past.
Your family? It doesn't exist.
Feelings? Well what are feelings?

Broken. You are broken. 
Twisted to the point of no return, far from being okay.

"Maybe you're not the only one out there who feels this way."
- Maybe your soulmate is just an inch away from you.

!!Warning!!: Blood, gore, cursing, violence, sexuality 
Warnings are usually in the title or mentioned in the story if it's very severe.
Some things may be triggering for some people, so read at your own "risk".

Also: I don't "own" the characters, they're by Sui Ishida (as you probably know).

In case you want to read the story in Spanish, @Kuro_Kodoku translated it for you! Go check that out! :)

FYI: This was my first full-length fiction ever written down, so it might have 1) more typos 2) short chapters 3) often reused words (for ex.: "therefore"). So far I haven't gotten around to updating it to fix typos and grammar errors, but I do plan on doing so. :)

Thank you all for reading, commenting, voting, etc.! It really means a lot & makes me very happy! ♥ :'3

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Ghost_adventures_rok Ghost_adventures_rok Jul 03, 2017
every day we lit every day we lit everyday we lit *starts dabing vigorously*
Saige-Herron Saige-Herron Aug 28, 2017
Cause I tried to commit suicide and got this in return 😋 this is true tho but my childish act took over and who ever bullies me I'm like back at you homie
- - Apr 02, 2017
The only reason I'm gonna run is if it gets me out of hell *cough*school*cough
Zombiechick777 Zombiechick777 Aug 14, 2017
I mean your English is freaking great man, it may be my national language but I absolutely suck at it  😅😅
LollyLin LollyLin Aug 12, 2017
The only reason I run with my mom is because she always promise me an ice cream when we're done
Literally a year after reading this story I came back to read it again because I missed it