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The 7th Sakamaki

The 7th Sakamaki

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PhantomHeart By PhantomHeart Updated Apr 01

"Karlheinz!" a melodic voice yelled. "Darling Ava, Dear~" Karlheinz smiled until he was faced with a slap and a hit by a silver ring. "I am so so so, SICK OF YOU AND THOSE WENCHES! All I try to do is be a mother to all 7 of your children but noooo... I am yelled at for trying to be a mother to even my own child!" Avalon yelled out in tears. "Darling, please think about this." Karlheinz whispered with a pout reaching for the woman who held one of his favorite children. "No. I'm taking Rin and moving back to the states, away from you and your bloodsucking, arrogant, pure blood, idiotic whores!" She screamed as the small boy in her arms began to sniffle and cry. "Foxxy it's all right, Momma is here..." She whispered snuggling her toddler child who began pulling on her long fiery locks. "Goodbye Karl, say bye to papa Foxxy you won't see him anytime soon." She muttered leaving a crying vampire king whimpering over the small silver and green wedding. 
            Entered in this house a fiance with regal manners, exits a badass mother with a burning trail of what used to be a elegant dress behind her.
  A/N this is a crossover with my original series Hybrid Academy

LadyArisu1 LadyArisu1 Dec 07, 2015
Is Devin his boyfriend? No~ I want Rin to be with one of the brothers. Like Shuu or Ayato. Maybe even Subaru....that's my main three...hehe