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naeema smith By naeemasmith Updated Nov 21, 2015


Walking down these corridors is the hardest thing I have to do every single day. They hate me so much. My sibling, my brother, doesn't care and my parent doesn't even know. They think I'm just going through some sort phase but it doesn't make life any easier when your biggest bully lives in the same house as you do. My brother is one of my bullies and what makes it worse is that he acts like the most protective big brother around my parents and encourage them about the imaginary phases I've been going through. He hated me ever since I came out to him thinking that he would accept me but he didn't. He even turned the whole pack against me for being gay. When my parents found out that I was gay they were very accepting which warmed my heart but they didn't know about the bullying and how the rest of the pack is treating me. They don't even know that it's my brother that's been hurting me the most. 

So here I am walking down these corridors towards my locker hoping that no one not...

*humming* anyone seen my gun? Oh! Nevermind. Mark child, come here, I go something for you~
HateLove_LoveHate HateLove_LoveHate Nov 23, 2015
Not saying that he is...but he reminds me of Joey graceffa waaaaaaay back when...
cirinwhite cirinwhite Sep 22, 2015
i feel so pain in my heart i couldn't cry but my eyes was  wet all the times when i was reading it isnso painiful to be rejected from your mate the one that suppose to love you with all his heart and being
faIIoutboyfan faIIoutboyfan Sep 12, 2015
You know what Luke I'll LAUGH when your pack goes into the DIRT because YOU rejected YOUR mate and LIED YOU DUMB FUÇK
CoreCorex3 CoreCorex3 Aug 26, 2015
Lol what xD This was a weird chapter for the first time for me
unicornfishes unicornfishes Jul 21, 2015
My face just keeps morphing into a pout and I keep making growling noises