Wolves Among the Sheep (Girl x Girl)

Wolves Among the Sheep (Girl x Girl)

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The_Sarcastic_Dork By The_Sarcastic_Dork Completed

She's that one nice popular girl. She's out of the closet, too, and everyone still loves her. Everyone but me. No one can possibly be that perfect. And of course, we're paired together for a Biology project. 

And of course she's a genuinely nice person I can't find myself to hate. She's the only person in a while that's listened to me. 

What will happen when the two girls become friends due to an unforeseen circumstance? Will they be able to overcome the strength of those that oppose them?

😂😂😂 the boys shouldn't be jealous because they have absolutely no chance with her 😂😂😂 sorry boys
It's only okay for dykes to call other dykes dykes. I, for example, am one.
Why are they jealous? They have absolutely no chance with her
Her: *Stutters* || How she should've reacted: Got a problem with that?
SoWhat_If SoWhat_If Sep 16, 2016
I'm already in love with Stella. And with this story's humor in general lmao😂😂😂
LexaTheHeda LexaTheHeda Jan 10
In the next chapter he better be on the ground crying for mercy😂