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Unity (EreMin) (Transgender) (BoyxBoy)

Unity (EreMin) (Transgender) (BoyxBoy)

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Jaeger Bombastic By pikachu_ketchup13 Completed

My name is Armin Arlert. My life's start wasn't so uplifting... and it has never evened out. Reasons? Well, I'm an orphan that lives with my abusive grandfather. He was my only family left for reasons that I'm not willing to explain. He is my only blood family member that I've got, but that doesn't mean I'm going to even try to like him. The fact that I have no blood family doesn't really bother me, though. It's not like they've ever accepted me. One small detail about myself is the reason for my neglect... I'm transgender. Isn't it absurd that the only reason my family hated me was because of my gender identity? I've never understood it, but to be fair, they've never understood me. No one ever has. My names at school were "pretty boy", "cross-dresser", "tranny", and sometimes "it". Not Armin. It was never Armin. That is... until I met a boy by the name of Eren Jaeger.

Is it only me, or is it kind of weird that hes using the right pronouns
DatsmexyMikasa DatsmexyMikasa Aug 19, 2016
Just saying... My squad and I would have jumped him by now had he been in our school
dragongirl322 dragongirl322 3 days ago
Jeez, armin's grandfather is usually rly sweet, it's so weird seeing him as a villain 😅
Pastel-Pearls Pastel-Pearls Nov 07, 2016
Samee eren is literally me. I'm constantly fidgeting it annoys people sometimes. I usually try to just bounce my legs silently so it doesn't draw attention to me because I sit alone in most classes but I usually end up flinging my pen in the air (and dropping it lol) or something by the end of class
YAY I FOUND ANOTHER EREMI- oh wait, I've already read this '^' I like this one :3
SpawnOfCrota SpawnOfCrota Aug 24, 2016
I absolutely love this idea of transgender Armin :)))))) I've never seen a fanfiction like it and I think it's really awesome :)