Claws of Metal | Pietro Maximoff

Claws of Metal | Pietro Maximoff

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❝Your claws are sharp, sharper than anyone's instincts.❞

❝Wow man, you're making it sound like I'm actually cool.❞
{based on Age of Ultron, contains spoilers}

© 2015 -pietrosmaximoff

Cover inspiration: -voidallison

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There are just sometimes when you can't translate a spanish word because it's to original
I use to hate dara cuz she talks sooooooooooooooooooo slowly!!!!
Morgana... Abilities....
                              This is sounding a heck of a lot like merlin!!!
I didn't even notice it changed from English to Spanish 😂 perks of being Hispanic
JennCon JennCon Apr 01
                              Can querer also be used to mean love? I only use it to mean "to want". English is my first language, attempting to learn Spanish. 😂 I'm on my 4th year of learning. (10th grade)
Damn this brings back memories from when I was little and I used to hang out at my abuelitos' house