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Claws of Metal | Pietro Maximoff

Claws of Metal | Pietro Maximoff

116K Reads 3.7K Votes 18 Part Story
y v e t t e By -pietrosmaximoff Completed

❝Your claws are sharp, sharper than anyone's instincts.❞

❝Wow man, you're making it sound like I'm actually cool.❞
{based on Age of Ultron, contains spoilers}

© 2015 -pietrosmaximoff

Cover inspiration: -voidallison

kazza1010 kazza1010 Dec 06, 2016
It's spelt illusions just pointing it out not a spelling police
thedarkshuck thedarkshuck Oct 22, 2016
When I read the ability to multiply her self I was like "Yeah, their called babies."
noticemezaynpie noticemezaynpie Sep 11, 2016
Yay! You used both exclamation marks! Most of the wattpad stories don't when they speak spanish, they just use "!". So congrats!
light_of_Earendil light_of_Earendil Oct 04, 2016
It's honestly amazing to find someone writing about a Puertotiqueña character , as one my self I i've rarely come across them!
RadCheshireCat RadCheshireCat Nov 11, 2016
I like the fact that there's finally someone of non-European background. Everyone's always Russian or just white and american
scottmcdunbar scottmcdunbar Nov 28, 2016
^ same but we have to learn Irish (it's compulsory and not fun)