Surviving the Nights (Human!FNAF x reader x Human!FNAF 2 )

Surviving the Nights (Human!FNAF x reader x Human!FNAF 2 )

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Arthur Kirkland (UK) By Arthur_Kirkland03 Updated Aug 05

It was the first day! Your first day at your new job! 

Your aunt made you get it since she apparently thinks you need to 'Get Out More' or something around that.

As you walked into the building everything looked like a children place would. Different places to play. A show stage area just in case kids get bored. A arcade. Some booths here and there with a couple of tables. Even a prize corner for kids to get prizes and show there parents on how much money they spent just so there kid could get a little nick-knack. 

But, what interested you the most, was the animatronics sitting straight up on stage. They looked.... interesting to say the least.

Just as you where about to go up on stage to check them out a man with slick gray hair and a white button up t-shirt with some jeans came up to you. He had a name tag on his shirt that said "Stephen King". "Hello there, you must be (Y/N)!", he said nervously kinda having a desperate look on his face.

You nodded. He smiled,"Well,...

Ai_the_potato Ai_the_potato Aug 31, 2015
........eyelessjack.....I love ya and all but the mask! as teasing me.(p.s I'm gonna be hoodie for Halloween!)
Arthur_Kirkland03 Arthur_Kirkland03 Aug 13, 2015
Omf- I just realized what I named the owner was based off a horror story author xD I think its because I read his books to much.