Not Like the Movies (Jarry Stirlwall Fanfic)

Not Like the Movies (Jarry Stirlwall Fanfic)

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It was 2010. Jade was a cute and innocent girl and he was an adorable flirt. Romance had developed but one wasn't ready for just one girl. They were both auditioning for the X-Factor. One got left behind while the other found fame. Now after they both become famous they are reunited but will they have the same spark of love that was there before?...


Hello everyone! This is my first fan fiction ever AND my first story on wattpad so please, don't be too harsh. So if you couldn't tell already this will be a story about the lovely Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix and the extremely cheeky Harry Styles of One Direction. There will be a little bit of Zerrie and the other members of the two bands but this is mainly about Jade and Harry. Hope you enjoy this story and please don't be afraid to give me ideas to make the story better.  The more help I get, the better the story will be and you might get a dedication ;). I will try to update the story as much as possible.

Thank You Lovelys, Cammie :) xx

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GottaLoveLarry GottaLoveLarry Jun 16, 2014
Awww how could you not feel bad for Jade :( Amazing start, lass, I'm hooked.
princessluna1232 princessluna1232 Dec 15, 2013
Can you put jade and Liam plzzzzzzz @miniThirlwall thank you :-)
Jadey02 Jadey02 Dec 08, 2013
@miniThirlwall no little mix were not the first group to win
hannhathelova hannhathelova Oct 05, 2013
                              HOW COME HE DOESN'T REMEMBER HER I love the book btw
olivia_boud olivia_boud Aug 19, 2013
I have read one paragraph and I can already tell this will be. Good book!!!
niallerxpenguin niallerxpenguin Jul 25, 2013
@1DGirl1023 They are the first EVER group to win X Factor UK. Look it up and you will see :) Thanks for reading :) Xx