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ticci toby x masky

ticci toby x masky

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Lynda By dead_realm Completed

OK I made this for shits and giggles and plus im too lazy to describe this story so LOOK AT THE TITLE! and I ship it like FED EX warning there's a little yaoi not very graphic tho so if you were hoping for porn your out of luck my friend

I don't ship's a hella bad ship I'm only here because I LOVE tick tock toby and masky but....I LOVE BEN AND EJ MORE!!!!!!
I just imagine slender just sitting in his room: 
                              Toby: "SUPRISE MUTHAF**KERS! 
                              Slender: Well, Tobys up. Maybe if i pretend to be asleep, they wont bug me. 
                              *hears fight*
                              Slender: well, now theyre killing each other...i never get to sleep...
FuriousAnus FuriousAnus Jan 05
It's my first  creepypasta ship and it's my OTP too. Btw don't judge my username :)
Fazbearsisdixy Fazbearsisdixy Nov 21, 2016
Wait so who is PYRO, is she like an oc or something...? Cas I cant find anything on google... If so having inhuman ability's such as controlling fire will make them stand out as a Special snowflake '. Just throwing it out there.
MiaBurns2 MiaBurns2 Sep 21, 2016
 #itsnotrapeifyoulikeit and come one now tobes we all know you like it
HoodieTomas HoodieTomas Jan 04
I ship it like Netflix yes I went that far back and yes I fell old now