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Uzumaki Naruto - The World Savior

Uzumaki Naruto - The World Savior

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dubxsion By dubxsion Updated Jul 29, 2015

One day on the training grounds,Team 7 stood on the bridge.Everything as usual.Kakashi late,Sakura asking Sasuke on a date,Naruto asking Sakura,Sakura rejecting him,etc.But what if Sakura abuse him so bad,he leaves team 7 and becomes an incredible assassin? What if he masters Hiraishin no Jutsu and create himself jutsus? Find out what will happen!

Not gonna ask if Narutos okay?  Not gonna try and see if he has any more Injuries that haven't healed?  Not trying to be a good Sensie?  *deep breath* okay...
You could run to him and start healing him.  U know!  Actually trying to be useful!
AnimeOTPSbruh AnimeOTPSbruh Aug 03, 2016
Poor naruto. Sakura go to hell
                              Satan: HELL NO I DON'T WANT THAT PINK HEADED BEAST DOWN HERE! !!
                              Me:Pleaaaasssseeee it's for naruto-kun
                              Satan : Meh. Fine but only for 100 years.
                              Me: You got a deal!!!!
MangaMad23 MangaMad23 Jan 19
sakura would rather marry the cruellest ugliest man on earth. her logic makes sense since no men are attracted to her.
Do they gonna keep this whole thing a secret from everyone else??
CatherineSchwab5 CatherineSchwab5 Aug 17, 2016
He actually could dodge it considering, it only goes in the direction that the user has pointed it in.