Heroes ▷ Captain America

Heroes ▷ Captain America

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✿ Emma ✿ By peggyscarter Completed

"Sir, you look-"

"Small, weak, not prepared for this at all?"

"I was going to say agitated, but those work too."


In which Evelyn Mason isn't just a soldier, she's a hero.

[ Captain America: The First Avenger ]



DISCLAIMER: I don't own Marvel or Captain America. Just Evelyn Mason and her non movie plotlines.

cover done by @justsav

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Ya'll came her just to make sure I was right, 
                              I promise I'm smart
aplainbagel aplainbagel Mar 11
The detail of this prologue already is so beautifully done! I'm hooked! 💚
-voidbucky -voidbucky Feb 21
hello, friend. you've tortured me since 7th grade and made me do things i never would've done before.
therealspooderman therealspooderman Jul 31, 2016
I can't, I just can't 😭 
                              This is so beautiful but sad, 
                              I just can't 😭😭
DemonicFanGirl-2016 DemonicFanGirl-2016 Jul 30, 2016
That's greatly depressing... Oh wait... I see what you did there...