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The New Naruto!

The New Naruto!

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Sup yall? By Animenin117 Updated Aug 03, 2015

Naruto age:8

Minato stared at a picture of Shiko, his old time friend, and his teammates. "Thank you Shiko. Without your help Mito wouldnt be alive." Minato remembered that night, when the masked man came and took Mito. Minato had to defeat him and in Minato's place Shiko sealed the nine tails in exchange for his life. Shiko was his best friend and was the only one in the village who was just as strong as him. It was a sad day when he died and Minato felt sadness start to overwhelm it. He pushed it back down and then he remembered Naruto for a brief moment. Mito would have to be the child of prophecy, and not Naruto. The great prophecy said that the child who would save the world, would be the one who had the power. Mito carries the Nine tailed fox which was the power and not Naruto. He didnt like this but Naruto, his only son would have to be ignored for his daughter. Suddenly Mito ran in with Naruto walking in a few moments later, to sit down on a chair. Mito had red hair like her m...

Chained_Curiosity306 Chained_Curiosity306 Sep 30, 2016
gulu66 gulu66 Feb 21, 2016
I love your storeys by the way I hate minato with all my fudging being
MissMurderz MissMurderz Mar 13, 2016
Minato, did you smoke something you shouldn't? Cuz you don't have to ignore Naruto just cuz your not training him? And why ignore him in the first place? Man, your stupid?
minato bro what’d you smoke something bad cause YOU STUPID!!!
elijahsalud143 elijahsalud143 Dec 07, 2015
dude.....your wrong....naruto will be the child of prophecy...
Katsukimeow145 Katsukimeow145 Sep 23, 2015
Can you make more paragraphs? Reading like this is really hard for me...