HIS belonging (Completed)

HIS belonging (Completed)

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Young_Wild_Love By young_wild_love Completed

Hello everyone!!

♡This story is completed but not edited.  This was my first ever book so you will most definitely find mistakes.♡

"Bend over, baby." He whispered in my ear. I complied immediately not wanting to make him any more angery then he already is.

He brushed his finger's against the most sensitive part of my body. I gasped, as i felt my body reacting to his touch. The worst thing is he know it very well how my body react to his every single touch.

"What did i told you earlier?" He said with most seductive voice in my ear,i was breathing heavily. How can he expect me to give an answer, when he kept assulting my sensitive part with his finger's.

He squeezed my @ss firmly with his other hand. I moaned loudly when i felt it's effect right between my leg's.

"Who do you Belong to,Darling?"



- - Mar 01, 2016
wendy_hby wendy_hby Oct 10, 2015
He's handsome , but I'm pretending that he is Francisco Lachowski
yulissa930 yulissa930 Sep 21, 2015
I never had once tried to find out more about him on the Internet, but it not like I will admit that.
DemonxHuman DemonxHuman Sep 20, 2015
I love your writing. Demon's girl and His belonging are exactly my taste. I love both please keep updating
yulissa930 yulissa930 Sep 19, 2015
You know, I have a son who has completed his MBA in London, He is now going to take care of the company after me
yulissa930 yulissa930 Sep 19, 2015
old. Come on tell me you are kidding me? What will happen to the company??