Angel & Demon (LaLu)

Angel & Demon (LaLu)

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There was a girl who was a Angel slayer. She was happy living with her parents until her mother died. She left her home because of what her father said and she joined a guild were she meet the Demon slayer and they become friends until a letter came and the girl left.

What was it her father said?
Will the childhood friends meet again?
What did the letter say?


I don't own fairy tail Hiro Mashima does.
It will have things the original doesn't and I hope you like the story.

LisaNi0 LisaNi0 Jul 30
@Amberlyn03 I think Macao showed her his guild mark to prove it.
BoostaBoo BoostaBoo Mar 22
Oh Angel come froth... for my hot chocolate.
                              I love what you can do with spelling mistakes!!
When ever I'm reading what they say I have to put on a child's voice for little Lucy and a stupid man voice for Jude
Fire_claw04 Fire_claw04 Sep 01, 2016
" they was a little girl she was sevan years old" 
                              That remained me of the song 
                              'Seven years old'
Why is her name vermilion it should be heartfililia your thinking of mavis
Amberlyn03 Amberlyn03 May 10, 2016
NEVER go with people you don't know, even if they know yoir dead mom's name.