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The Farmer's Daughter ((Book 1 Of The Daughter's Series))

The Farmer's Daughter ((Book 1 Of The Daughter's Series))

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Hello Loves By blondeinjeans Completed

Addison Charlotte Lanham's life is pretty simple: no surprises, nothing new, average everything. She's now on her senior year of highschool, and she doesn't take crap from anyone. She's smart, friendly, and extremely independent. The only thing about her, she lives on a ranch in Northeastern, Ohio, and one of her closest friends is her horse, May. And she's a cowgirl. A tough one at that. 
Brett Leroy Gannon is quite the opposite of Addison, by far. He's the soon to be Alpha of the Rich Sun Pack. He is the school golden boy and lives rich and has a life of partying. He knows nothing of tractors, animals, crops, harvesting. He has girls left and right, some boys too. Boys want to be him. 
So when our two seniors meet at riding lessons, what will happen? Read to find out.

Okay, I'm really sorry about the intro, but I just made something off the top of my head, but please read though!

MadisonAlderman0987 MadisonAlderman0987 Dec 30, 2016
I live in Northeast Ohio, exactly where you described basically. I ride horses too. If you need help describing weather or crops just tell me. Unless you're from around here too.
LylaJordan LylaJordan Nov 07, 2016
I thought it was the first day of school what could u have alrady got to study
mikeytopssorryluke mikeytopssorryluke Jun 17, 2016
Are you even human? I study the night before for exams only and that's it. I'm a lazy procrastinator
darknightdarkhorsesx darknightdarkhorsesx Dec 01, 2015
So, all the fast runners are fast because they're popular? K L M N O P
darknightdarkhorsesx darknightdarkhorsesx Dec 01, 2015
I feel like they have some sort of 'Friends of Chastity' club going on behind the scenes
SoFucked SoFucked Nov 20, 2015
My horse canters away from me whenever I'm at the barn... He's mastered grabbing the treats from my hand and cantering off