Nosferatu + Webcam

Nosferatu + Webcam

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LuminaRockefeller By LuminaRockefeller Updated Jan 11, 2012

"She wept into my mouth."  He began, unable to look at the web cam, pulling the sweater tightly around himself.  "She tasted like bile and tears, she breathed her grief and her disgust into me.  It was like I'd told her I was dying, but she just had to have that one last taste."  The chair creaks as he leans back, pinching the bridge of his nose, squeezing his hazel eyes shut as though wishing they'd stop threatening to pour over.

"She gave me the ring back."  He searches through his pockets, half-standing, and produces it for the camera, a simple gold circlet, dull from months on a woman's hand.  He holds it there, an inscription is visible along the inside of the band, but too faint to read in the grainy, pixilated video.  

"I wish I could make her understand, nothing changes, our relationship isn't somehow different now that she knows, it's just another mundane detail, like being dyslexic, or drinking out of the carton or something.  It's a part of my identity.  I'm a writer who j...

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