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HELLO GUYS! I'M BACK! FOR MORE EXCITEMENT! SO! This is my first SMUT COMPILATION. So here's what you should obey.

-Any kids below 13, please don't read this fanfic. 
-Read at your own risk.
-For requests, my message box is open. ONLY PM. 
-No plagiarism.
-If you want to share any part of this fanfic, please seek for my permission and give credits to me. 
-No curse. I can tolerate hateful comments, but no curse.

So, hope you enjoy these one-shot smuts compilation from me. Please don't bash me for putting your favourite idols here. I just want to have fun. Hehehe. And, if there's any similarities spotted in these one-shots, it's strictly coincidental. ANYWAYS. Please don't forget to vote and comment your views! 감사합니다! ^^ 

- Mirae

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-mintyseok -mintyseok Aug 12, 2017
You guys are so surprised that 12 yrs are reading this, there was a 10 yr old on this other smut book so umm
putsok putsok Aug 24, 2017
but you've been reading this kind of things since you were 8
                              I mean-
SkylerMaknae SkylerMaknae Mar 11, 2017
I just so happen to be 12.
                              Well guess what I'm voting on this and following you anyway.
                              # Savage
chimchimlostjams chimchimlostjams Jul 01, 2017
So 12 year olds reading this, when I was 12, not gonna lie I read smut
morefanficsforexo morefanficsforexo Apr 17, 2016
                              because I'm a white girl
                              AND I UNDERSTOOD IT YAYYYYYY
                              Maybe I'm not a white girl inside
MiaDragneelARMY MiaDragneelARMY Jan 16, 2017
U look similar to me. Except I have no double eyelids and most of the time have a 'bug me and ill kill u' look.