Saved by the Captain ( Larry stylinson au )

Saved by the Captain ( Larry stylinson au )

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Harry Tops By bottom-lou Completed

Louis is new to the school and immediately attracts attention for his big butt and pretty looks. what happens when Harry, the team captain of the soccer team, saves him from getting mobbed.

find out in : Saved by the caption 

bottom Louis and Top Harry

If ur gonna bìtch over a word you can kindly fùck off the story
AussiesBritsIrish AussiesBritsIrish 3 hours ago
Plz😂  not hating just laughing at it.
                              Imaging Jay saying plz 😂
Dean_please Dean_please Nov 30, 2016
This is what my brother does to me and my twin in the morning. It just makes me take longer, to annoy him even more lol
Larry-Love26 Larry-Love26 Aug 29, 2016
Mine has 4 stories and has 5 different blocks and there's about 2000 of us here 🙃
People don't have to comment about the author writing 'plz' instead of 'please' get over yourselves 🙄🙄
delilahreader delilahreader Aug 05, 2016
My school got like 1 story and had dirt around it . My school ghetto