R27(katekyo hitman reborn)

R27(katekyo hitman reborn)

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ellie_kawaii By ellie_kawaii Updated Jan 26, 2017

  3rd POV 

Sawada tsunayoshi a 25 year old brunete is busy signing paperworks when a knock suddenly interrupted him 

*knock* *knock*

"enter" tsuna  answered 

"decimo lunch is ready" a butler said and smiled at the decimo 

"grazie alfon" tsuna answered and smiled back 

when the butler closed the door a blush can see through his cheeks and a little blood can be seen dripping from his nose 

tsuna sighed and leaned on his chair 

'more paperworks to finish' 

another sigh escaped the tsuna's lips 

'but then again this is my responsibility as vongola decimo'

tsuna then smiled as he remembered that all of his guardians are all complete and are joining him to lunch 

he was walking through the hall when he bumped into someone 

"oh ! i'm very sorry i did'nt see you "

tsuna apologized not knowing who he bumped into when a hand suddenly grabed his chin and kissed his lips . tsuna was shocked still not knowing who bumped into and then suddenly kissed...

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Thecatleader Thecatleader Apr 06, 2017
*nosebleed* This is the only reason I'm ignoring the spelling and grammar errors
ellie_kawaii ellie_kawaii Oct 05, 2015
shut it it's non of your dn business dude ! besides that's not permanent anyway