My Addiction

My Addiction

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✨Princess Tiana✨ By ThePinkGawdess_ Completed

So from now on I will be writing High school love stories since you guys love them so much. So let's get on with the new story. 

Bahja Pov 

Hey yall my name is Bahja Shamoni Rodriguez. Baddest gay bitch in Atl shawty. But anyways I'm 16 years old and im in the 11th grade. I want to become a singer but that's already happening sooner then I think. 

But i just got a new sew in my mommy hooked me up. For school today. I'm dressed up in a pink maxi dress with black sandals. My hair is straight. 

I got my bag and cell phone and Lourdes hip in my truck and we head to McDonald's for breakfast since my momma was still sleep and we didn't want to wake her up. We got our food and ate in McDonald's and then we left and headed to school. 

When me and Lourdes got I out the truck all we got was stares I mean what you expect I'm a baddie and so is Lourdes. We said goodbye to each other and she went with her friends. 

I walked to my friends. 

Marilyn: Damn Bahja killing the game much? 

Bahja: ...

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KaiaChannel KaiaChannel May 21, 2015
Damn cyn did bahja dirty ass hell but she need to stop trying to be player and get with Nique.
ooouuugirl ooouuugirl May 21, 2015
I hope she don't hit and quit nique and bahja need to let the past be the past and move on 
ooouuugirl ooouuugirl May 16, 2015
love it yass u da best update plz I have fell in love with all your stories
ItsKiddSchwazyy ItsKiddSchwazyy May 16, 2015
you're a good writer.
                              you should be a co-author and write a book with me.