The Change ( Fated Series: Book 1 - Completed )

The Change ( Fated Series: Book 1 - Completed )

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"For the last 6 years I have kept it at bay. The need, the want, the hunger. No more. I will be free to do as I please. Brandon, you have no control over me!"

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Mates. They were supposed to stay together. To treasure each other. To love one another. But what happens when Choice trumps Fate, when need becomes obsession and hope flickers? This is a story of Ness, a bright young werewolf, who grew up with stories about romance and mates. None of which could prepare her for the reality - her mate chooses her best friend over her for the chance of power and glory. Fighting her feelings for Brandon, Ness accepts her own place in the world. If she couldn't have the mate that Fate destined for her, she would surely find one of Choice for herself.

Alpha Marcus Josef "Ned" Edwards has a dark past. He lost his mate 6 years ago and has dedicated his life to revenge her death. Meticulously eliminating every single wolf that was even remotely connected with the dead of his mate, he is rightfully labeled cruel, furious and dangerous. His pack mates learn to recognize the glimpses of their old loving Alpha Marcus and the ever consuming rage of the ruthless Alpha Ned, who dutifully protects them.

When Nessa meets Marcus sparks ignite. But would they be enough to bring these two wolves together?

Read to find out.

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Imm gnna pretend it's nick bateman instead of joe manganiello, ahaha
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why i still can't see all chapter?? even though i've unfollow, delete, follow and add to my library?? 😢
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How many chapters are supposed to be in the book because o don’t know if this is the full book or not(I see 25 chapters)
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I have gone through the process a couple of time and I am only able to see 15 chapters
Loverules930 Loverules930 Nov 25, 2017
I just finished reading this book and now I am reading it again cause it's totally awesome!!! I am in love with this book !!!! I just love Marcus and nessa!!!