She's A Billionaire Daughter [Editing]

She's A Billionaire Daughter [Editing]

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amaranthine; By Maducdoc_Andrea Completed

One step at a time, it's fine. Love has its own effective way. Love is just waiting at the corner. But what if that so-called 'love' is right in front of you? Are you going to grab the chance? 

Love has something to do with someone's life, a big slash significant role. Some people's perspectives about love are like being on the different page of a book and being different from those who see love as a serious thing. They doesn't want to be loved by someone dearly. They doesn't want to take the risk. They are afraid of commitments. If I were to choose, I'd choose to fall, to take little steps in a broken glass, to risk my emotions and to be broken inside. Why? Simple. Love is like a roller coaster; Life is like a roller coaster. I'd like to ride and face the different levels and situations of it. It's a fair ride. Why? It has ups and downs that I believe are equal. I think it's pretty cool, isn't it? 

But what if my own identity has its own hidden power that would make my life an emotional roller coaster-like that would make my definition of love different? What's the best choice? Move backward and stay living at my plain life or move forward and finally get the shining spotlight?

Started: April 2015 
Completed: May 2016

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lairajanebalones lairajanebalones May 05, 2016
, t,,,  h.????!?!!!!!!???!!         V.              V.  !?!?!??!?!??!??!?!       !!!!!!!!!!!! B.     !!
sonotkidding sonotkidding May 12, 2016
Sino ba yung babae na yun na mukhang pinaglihi sa pwet ng manok na kung makaputak ay wagas?!
ryllexxh ryllexxh Jun 28, 2016
Galing ni ate magrnglish ah, pero true talaga yung sinabi mo ate, kahit ako pero bawal lovelife syempre 10 years old palang lovelife na?
sparkIymuffins sparkIymuffins Apr 16, 2016
weh? sa panaginip mo lang 'yon oy. Wag feeling. HAHA peace bbs HAHA
inuhmoe inuhmoe May 24, 2016
                              huwag ka nalang mag-lagay ng ganyan. nakakainis kasi basahin at saka hindi maganda sa paningin. mag-isip ka ng mas magagandang salita para i-describe ang expressions nila, wag ka nalang gumamit ng mga ganon
lairajanebalones lairajanebalones May 05, 2016
, t,,,  h.????!?!!!!!!???!!         V.              V.  !?!?!??!?!??!??!?!       !!!!!!!!!!!! B.     !!