To the moon and back [{RusAme FanFic}]

To the moon and back [{RusAme FanFic}]

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Dead account :/ By those_tacos_tho Completed

((High School AU))

Alfred was drawing in his notebook one day when the end of a scarf brushes past his desk. He turns around to find out who the scarf belongs to and - BAM - he's in love.

The only problem is that person he's in love with is a guy.
Who he know nothing about.
And scares the shit out of everybody.

Alfred is determined to get to know his mysterious crush, or better yet, talk to him.
But there are some people in this world who don't want people to known about them. Ivan is one of them, so Alfred's mission just became a whole lot harder.

Will mission - "To the moon and back" prevail? 
God, I sure hope so!

This is more excitement in a minute then I have in a year at school tbh XD
I honestly thought it said Bebe for a second and I was like "Lovi's your milk?!?"
I can imagine Ivan making his scarf longer and it just fills the entire classroom
Rsoh114 Rsoh114 Jul 04
I love these titles. This is why high school aus are great, everyone's gay and there's tons of diversity, yet no one ever questions it
OK I'm not the only one who guessed all of the country's  in the picture.and for everyone who thinks there are two spains. Sad to say you are incorrect . One is Spain and one is Portugal. Look up Hetalia  Portugal .he looks just like Spain except  he has a mole under his eye.
English_Jedi English_Jedi Dec 16, 2016
*Casually loads gun* What was that dear? Oh you forgot Canada. Well. In the words of Han Solo~ I'll see you in hell!