Kiss and Tell

Kiss and Tell

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Ash By StuckInSpace Updated Dec 27, 2016

❝It was love at first sight. Until reality struck like lightning and burnt up everything leaving me with nothing but scars.❞                                                                                      

      Moving to a new school is tough, but moving across the country to a new school is even tougher. At sixteen years old, all Jasmine Heller wanted to do was start fresh: new friends, new wardrobe, and maybe, possibly, a new boyfriend. But, things don't always go as planned. Before the first week of school is complete, she's already confessing her undying love to the most popular guy in school, became a target to his exes, and banged her head into a classroom door while slurring 'Is that you Justin Bieber?'  

     Not being able to go through with the mortification she suffered because of Caleb Finn, Jasmine moves back to her old town. Two years later, Jasmine is forced back home while carrying a heavy heart and a mission to get back at everyone who watched her suffer Caleb Finn's wrath.   

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emilshmee emilshmee Mar 12
I used to have that problem but now I'm able to compose myself
-niaII -niaII Jan 30
lol idc, I smell my crush all the time secretly bC HE SMELLS REAL DAMN GOOD
-niaII -niaII Jan 30
lol same, I walked in 30 minutes late to my class on the first day of school :/
unfaythful unfaythful Jan 26
It hasn't even been 5 minutes but y'all acting as if ur married
lily3098 lily3098 Feb 22, 2016
Awesome trailer and that song, man! <3 I think I'm gonna love this book! <3