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Little Miss Delinquent ™

Little Miss Delinquent ™

130K Reads 3.6K Votes 26 Part Story
Onyx Olivia By OnyxRawrzOlivia Completed

Linx Bones has always been top-dog and she's not planning on stepping down anytime soon. That was until the Harper boys arrived, absolutely gorgeous and ready to turn her world upside down. Rex, with his cockiness and bad attitude, could cause quite the challenge for Linx, but his brother, Oliver, with his adorable face and a dark past, just might start to change Linx for the better. Yet, Rex just might have a side to him that could shock everyone, even himself. Follow Linx as she goes through life, heartbreak, sadness, family issues, and, of course, love all the while trying to deal with the Harper boys.

ILuvReading-_- ILuvReading-_- Sep 09, 2016
She was a supply in my school an I kept screaming bleech to her and I got done. But it's too funny
Asian_Hoe37 Asian_Hoe37 Feb 21, 2016
MY PEOPLE!!! My friends. My emo delinquent buddies... I love them so much.
mybowDoesntgoinhair mybowDoesntgoinhair Sep 11, 2016
Finally a bad girl that's actually Bad! I hate when some one is all "She is such as badass" and the worst thing the girl ever does is punch a bully or jaywalk
wrong_answerr wrong_answerr May 21, 2016
I'm jumping around already and it's only the first chapter idk how I'm gonna make it through this book
XxreaderxX55 XxreaderxX55 Jun 15, 2016
Touch my butt and I'll touch yours, it just won't feel too good cuz I'll be kicking it
Darkenough123 Darkenough123 Sep 02, 2015
I read that as "crossing my arss" arss as in British ass 
                              Me 2