The Blind Mate

The Blind Mate

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GabyGabriella999 By GabyGabriella999 Updated Oct 30, 2015

Anastasia Heaven Creek is a blind girl. She is the Alpha only daughter. And her brothers are very protective and possessive. What happened when she and her brother got ambushed by some rogues when they're walking in the forest?  What will happen when she fall from the cliff into a river and accidentally trespassing Blood Moon Pack, the feared,biggest and strongest pack on earth? What will happen when she meet Alpha Gabriel, the cold-hearted and ruthless man and the Alpha of Blood Mood Pack? 

Read to find out.

 Non edited. 
Sorry for the grammatical error.

This is my second book about werewolf. If you want to read my other werewolf story, you can go to my work list. ;)

This is my original story. So,  don't copying my story. Plagiarism isn't my thing. So if you found the story that definitely copying my story, I really appreciate it if you tell me. 


Thanks. :)

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- - Mar 17, 2016
Should I correct all the grammatical errors because I have a feeling English isn't your first language
elsevkatuuo elsevkatuuo Nov 09, 2016
R u still writing this book. I dnt want to read it. N then have to wait another year for an update!?
Welp, don't wanna be rude, but if it's a white wolf, I'm gone.
AkilahHodge AkilahHodge Feb 06, 2016
Idk if you're a native English speaker so I'm not going to judge ur grammar
horansbish horansbish Jan 31, 2016
Why a white wolf.. Ugh. But I'm just gonna imagine her as a brown wolf.
hitoribocchinoyoru hitoribocchinoyoru Nov 26, 2016
then why would she need a cane? couldn't she just go all toph (from avatar) and be awesome?