A Flower With Seven Thorns

A Flower With Seven Thorns

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xtinepasman By xtinepasman Updated Feb 25

Seven rebels with their different stories changed by one broken girl, C who was given a task to ruin the success of others to achieve her own dream. A dream that was made because of a shattered and unrequited love.

Dark Rebels is composed of seven talented men.

Hope, friendly especially towards women and shameless. But behind those attitudes lies a bitter past.

Aron, the boy who's IQ is over the roof and responsible to all things. But behind the brain, he showed no interest towards having an ambition.

Jun, he got the voice, the beat and the moves. But in him, something dark lies within.

Soul, the voice and creator of music. But he got a huge fear on something men shouldn't.

James, possesses the body and the charm of the dance floor. But something in him was discovered that he himself didn't even knew.

Jin, blessed with an angelic face and probably an angel in disguise. But hold a life full of emptiness.

And last but not the least,

Vein, probably the loudest and the idiot who carries a wide smile wherever he is. But behind the mask is actually the total opposite of the person most people loved.

Dark Rebels is the top boy group through out the country but what will happen if a girl joins in and performs with them?

Casted by:
Kim Taehyung
Kim Seokjin
Park Jimin
Min Yoongi
Jeon Jungkook
Kim Namjoon
Jung Hoseok


AFWST Cover credits goes to my official graphic designer, Carla Espolon @clayowpatra

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BTSelmira07 BTSelmira07 Mar 06, 2016
Binabasa ko itong story na ito hindi lang dahil bts yung character kasi ang ganda ng plot at story pramis 
                              Pls. Author update ka po kapag may time ☺
mischievousperson mischievousperson Oct 19, 2016
I saw the cover and was sure that it was Jin's hands 😂 Imma read this rn
- - Mar 04, 2016
Binabasa ko ito kasi BTS siya at nandito din si Fafa Jungkook ♥
ZiNtax_ErrOR ZiNtax_ErrOR Dec 11, 2015
V MIN KOOK ,,,, mabasa nga tong story i hope maganda to hehe.... :)
WriteBesideYou WriteBesideYou Nov 08, 2015
It was Interesting! :) I'll look forward to it! Fighting ♥
princesscagaanan princesscagaanan Nov 02, 2015
maagang pamasko nyu na po samin..hihihi..
                              >>wrong type kanina<<