Riddle Of Blood

Riddle Of Blood

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{Book 9 in the Twists of Fate series} [Cover by Norman Leonard]

I am what I'm not yet I'm not what I am.

These words have followed Amy since that day 900 years ago. The time for answers to the riddle of her existence is approaching. Join the journey of Amy, Wolfgang and their family and friends as they face new knowledge and challenges upon a new world. Old characters and fresh faces create a powerful story that will have the reader hooked once again in the riddle that echoes through Amy's mind....

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M00NM00N M00NM00N Feb 04
I find it hilarious that she just pops off with the president, and the secret service aren't going nuts.
Jahunta99 Jahunta99 Sep 11, 2017
Why would the celebrate the day if it isn't in any history books? 😕
Jahunta99 Jahunta99 Sep 11, 2017
That would make a good story. Why is there no Maker's bond? Who turned her and why? Is she the recarnation of another character?
Jahunta99 Jahunta99 Sep 11, 2017
I'm confused. I thought Rayal and his men all changed their nature. How could the kids have been affected? I thought you had to make a conscience choice to have your wings change, not your father.
shadowssoul09 shadowssoul09 Sep 18, 2017
Maybe it feels like cheating or it didnt occur to him to do so
OlWiseOne OlWiseOne Jan 25
So as they went to talk to the president of earth... in this world the USA has become the country... that or the governing power adopted some of the laws of the usa word for word