Riddle Of Blood

Riddle Of Blood

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{Book 9 in the Twists of Fate series} [Cover by Norman Leonard]

I am what I'm not yet I'm not what I am.

These words have followed Amy since that day 900 years ago. The time for answers to the riddle of her existence is approaching. Join the journey of Amy, Wolfgang and their family and friends as they face new knowledge and challenges upon a new world. Old characters and fresh faces create a powerful story that will have the reader hooked once again in the riddle that echoes through Amy's mind....

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As many times as I have read and reread this story I never noticed that Justin is called Justine here
Azanthis Azanthis Jul 03
Nope he said it because Celeste confused lust with love, remember?
I want to know what led them to discover that phasers do nothing to them.
Jahunta99 Jahunta99 Sep 11
Why would the celebrate the day if it isn't in any history books? 😕
Jahunta99 Jahunta99 Sep 11
That would make a good story. Why is there no Maker's bond? Who turned her and why? Is she the recarnation of another character?
For the slightly out there names like this one maybe add how to say it in ( ) for the first time its seen especially for the aliens names and such.