Riddle Of Blood

Riddle Of Blood

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{Book 9 in the Twists of Fate series} [Cover by Norman Leonard]

I am what I'm not yet I'm not what I am.

These words have followed Amy since that day 900 years ago. The time for answers to the riddle of her existence is approaching. Join the journey of Amy, Wolfgang and their family and friends as they face new knowledge and challenges upon a new world. Old characters and fresh faces create a powerful story that will have the reader hooked once again in the riddle that echoes through Amy's mind....

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Xian66 Xian66 Mar 26
90 % of computer mistakes, are sitting in front of the computer
                              be it the user or the coder
                              Years of userhelpdesk teached me that :-)
M00NM00N M00NM00N Feb 04
I find it hilarious that she just pops off with the president, and the secret service aren't going nuts.
Deciusmus Deciusmus May 08
Always reminds me of the weather satellite hailing the ship in "Battle Beyond The Stars"
Xkr120 Xkr120 May 04
Races would be the Da’Vailla, Were, Human, St. Claire and Fae. The rest would be species and not races. Btw Elementals are included in the human race and vampires are technically Were so subspecies.
knitnut knitnut Mar 21
No makers bond means that she was turned by a rogue vampire that was killed shortly after turning her.
knitnut knitnut Mar 21
As I understood it from Kiss of the Moon, when Amy got all the nation's together,  she got them to agree to a base set of overall laws that applied to everyone everywhere.   One would assume over time that Amy would have convinced all countries to agree to a more in depth set of laws.