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Riddle Of Blood

Riddle Of Blood

409K Reads 7.8K Votes 12 Part Story
CRGangell By CRGangell Completed

{Book 9 in the Twists of Fate series} [Cover by Norman Leonard]

I am what I'm not yet I'm not what I am.

These words have followed Amy since that day 900 years ago. The time for answers to the riddle of her existence is approaching. Join the journey of Amy, Wolfgang and their family and friends as they face new knowledge and challenges upon a new world. Old characters and fresh faces create a powerful story that will have the reader hooked once again in the riddle that echoes through Amy's mind....

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sillaspatience sillaspatience May 01, 2016
Calculating...calculating... ready... ready... steady... calculating... Go! Anxiety would be washing over me by the time that computer is done.
Azanthis Azanthis Feb 06
Oh! No Santaurs left Sogol, hence why they are not included as a race in negotiations
Antmon Antmon Dec 12, 2016
Given that Cherie eventually hopes to publish the whole series, I have been very circumspect in my corrections. Bear in mind that these comments were made about 6 months ago, and Cherie has already communicated with me over these posts...
What about Shia and Roberto and Thier mates and seconds, what about full cast that this series started out with?
borgman78 borgman78 Dec 11, 2016
You didnt learn your lesson in winds and the lost stories did you stop @Antmon
seeker12 seeker12 Oct 13, 2016
As quoted to me right before I went out on my fist patrol based on intelligence gathered from hacking hamas computers. To err is human, to really screw things up you need a computer. Let me just say, his saying was more correct than the "intelligence" we got from MI hacking those machines.