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Neko! boy x reader

Neko! boy x reader

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Hi, my name is [  Dan  ] By talesfromthebadlands Updated Sep 27, 2015

??? P.o.v 

I ran through the forest as fast as my legs would carry me. 'So close.... so close' I thought as I saw street lights through the dense trees. 
My bare feet were scratched and bleeding, I didn't feel any pain as they had went numb about 10 minutes ago. 
I heard the familiar sound of him running after me. He was sick and twisted. 
He had done so many experiments, on so many innocent people. I was one of the lucky ones..... I actually lived. But what sort of madman wants to turn humans into animals? No one lived past the surgeries involving the ears, tail, and teeth. That's Why I had to escape this time. 
I was about ten feet from the street when I felt the dart hit my back. It pierced into my flesh and I could already feel myself slowing down and becoming drowsy. "Hah you little bastard! You're never getting away from me!" He yelled catching up to me. I forced my self through the trees and up to a house that was near the edge. He came out after me, but soon stopped. 
I had hi...

Groggynop Groggynop May 28
Favourite song?
                              I could sing in mandarin, you'd still know I'm pandering! Hunting deer, chasing trout, a Bud Light with the logo facing out!!!
Renatisen Renatisen May 31
You don't just go and say a girl is pretty outta nowhere, you idiot!
sodakooh sodakooh Feb 29, 2016
DAMN, ___! BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WHITE VANS! (Lmao sorry XD Btw your story is amazing!)
xXHonekonekoXx xXHonekonekoXx Dec 18, 2016
nobody commented   on  the  GIR  backpack
Miss_Masquerade Miss_Masquerade Nov 14, 2016
Favorite pair of skinny jeans? Then I'd be going naked. This girl don't do 'skinny'
Teddybearlover666 Teddybearlover666 Nov 24, 2016
Pffft my school makes us wear uniforms :') Well my college classes don't require me too... but I don't start those till next semester :v I wish we could wear jeans an t-shirts...