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Neko! boy x reader

Neko! boy x reader

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Hi, my name is [  Dan  ] By talesfromthebadlands Updated Sep 27, 2015

??? P.o.v 

I ran through the forest as fast as my legs would carry me. 'So close.... so close' I thought as I saw street lights through the dense trees. 
My bare feet were scratched and bleeding, I didn't feel any pain as they had went numb about 10 minutes ago. 
I heard the familiar sound of him running after me. He was sick and twisted. 
He had done so many experiments, on so many innocent people. I was one of the lucky ones..... I actually lived. But what sort of madman wants to turn humans into animals? No one lived past the surgeries involving the ears, tail, and teeth. That's Why I had to escape this time. 
I was about ten feet from the street when I felt the dart hit my back. It pierced into my flesh and I could already feel myself slowing down and becoming drowsy. "Hah you little bastard! You're never getting away from me!" He yelled catching up to me. I forced my self through the trees and up to a house that was near the edge. He came out after me, but soon stopped. 
I had hi...

sodakooh sodakooh Feb 29, 2016
DAMN, ___! BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WHITE VANS! (Lmao sorry XD Btw your story is amazing!)
xXHonekonekoXx xXHonekonekoXx Dec 18, 2016
nobody commented   on  the  GIR  backpack
Miss_Masquerade Miss_Masquerade Nov 14, 2016
Favorite pair of skinny jeans? Then I'd be going naked. This girl don't do 'skinny'
LucaLuv LucaLuv Feb 17, 2016
@talesfromthebadlands did u intend for Alex to be short for Alexander or is it just Alex.
Teddybearlover666 Teddybearlover666 Nov 24, 2016
Pffft my school makes us wear uniforms :') Well my college classes don't require me too... but I don't start those till next semester :v I wish we could wear jeans an t-shirts...
christinaleogordon christinaleogordon Dec 20, 2015
Utzudjdutxgxxfxjccgxucgcgxjcjcctucjcicochhocitxditsihccgdjhcigxjffugfjgxudsufsfu!!!! So kawaii!!!!!!! It's so cute I'm actually crying!!!!