Kingkas meets Transferees ( STILL EDITING)

Kingkas meets Transferees ( STILL EDITING)

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Mrs. Yehet By Denise__Sulli94 Completed

What if the School Kingkas meets the School transferees?? What will happen??

~} Meet the School Kingkas who are the type of person who gets what they want and also every girls dream guy, but beware! Don't ever dare pick a fight on them if you still want to see the world

~} Meet the School Tansferees who just transfer in a new school. They are also rich, smart and kind but don't you ever dare, play with their feeling because you will never know if you can still see the sun...

What will happen when the Kingkas meets the Transferees?? Will they fall for each other charms?? Or will they just be forever strangers??

Come! Let's find out together!  ~~

(Still editing, so sorry for all the grammars and weird context... I'm busy so I don't have time to edit it but I will do my best. Hwaiting)

WHA????!!! BRUH!! BRUH!!! BRUUHH!!! Thank god they're EX now or I would have DIED
boboatae boboatae Jan 21
Luhan's name doesn't start with xi. His full named is Lu Han.
mintpinki mintpinki Feb 12
Hold up wait- shît I thought it said suho lays ex and I'm like "BISH NO NO NOOOOO!!"
silberkey silberkey Aug 06, 2016
Woah i never read a ff where kyungie call someone hyung 😂
ainissesthai ainissesthai Oct 29, 2015
nae, annyeonghaseyo. /bows 90 degrees/ nice meetin' you bacoooon~ :D
ainissesthai ainissesthai Oct 29, 2015
oh, I think I have to comment in english in this story lels. Hahaha! Kyungsoo-yah~ Baekhyunnie is saying somethin' here HAHAHAHA