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The Bunny that Captured all Predators (KHR fanfic)

The Bunny that Captured all Predators (KHR fanfic)

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mega_rabbit By mega_rabbit Updated Jan 30

my first Khr fanfic!! hope u like it!! disclaimer: I don't own any thing from Khr, but the idea of this story
Set in AU, in this world, people are mixed, meaning they are all animal/humans 
Sawada tsunayoshi is your average 14 year old bunny boy that everyone wants to claim him as their's, will tsuna-chan be able to get away, or will he become a yummy dinner for one of these dangerously attractive people? 
All x tsuna gotta read to find out ;P

Nikki-ChandelRosario Nikki-ChandelRosario Jun 03, 2016
This is AMAZING!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! now i wonder how would usagi-chan meet his other suitors and what woud happen if they stay in one room.... KYAAAAAAA~~~~~!!!! MORE~
Colorful_Anime_World Colorful_Anime_World Dec 13, 2016
I'm having a hard time imagining Kyo-kun saying or more like yelling that
Vanguard16 Vanguard16 Aug 24, 2016
Kyoya... You fell for your favorite food... To skip out on patrolling... WHAT IS HIS FAVORITE FOOD鈦夆亯鈦夝煒别煒别煒别煒别煒别煒别煒别煒别煒别煒别煒别煒
Vanguard16 Vanguard16 Aug 24, 2016
馃槒*evil smirk* "His". I laughed and thought, 'That would be nice.' *1827 person*
Vanguard16 Vanguard16 Aug 24, 2016
Imagine them saying this in a cute voice. I dunno, but I did this and lmao.馃槀馃槀馃槀
YuukiMatsui YuukiMatsui Jul 19, 2016
                              Kyaa ~
                              This is soo Adorable!
                              Please Update!!