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Dawson Brothers (boyxboy)

Dawson Brothers (boyxboy)

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Spawn By spawnavaria Updated Jun 19, 2013

He took my face in his hands and kissed me softly. It was an innocent, experimental, peck on the lips. He had kissed me before, at a Christmas party a few months after my parents adopted him, and when his leaned back to smile down at me, that’s what it reminded me of, a time
where I was sure he was the only person in the world who still loved me. The second kiss was the exact opposite. His lips began moving against mine as my body was pushed back onto the couch where he strattled me. My hands moved on their own accord to the back of his neck while his thumb stroked my cheek.

In the other room I could hear family
laughing and glasses clinging together to
celebrate the New Year, but we were in our own world. A world where he wasn't my little brother and we could be together like this forever, But we didn't. He was my younger brother, it was my job to protect him, from every thing that
could cause him harm, and this, letting him kiss. me, could have no other out come but pain. I pushed him back gently, and tried to explain why this was wrong, but he didn’t listen. He ran out of the room, and ultimately out of my life, with out ever looking back.

Oh loll I was like you mean billy Joel, didn't see that coming
If I had a friend that did this for me I would marry them on the spot
kittynipp kittynipp Dec 31, 2014
*cries* if I were him and my brother was at war I would hear "ghost of you" ever night
Emii_Orton Emii_Orton Nov 13, 2013
Post traumatic stress disorder? Is that what's wrong with miles?