The Volturi Queen (twilight fanfic)

The Volturi Queen (twilight fanfic)

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Rodale Glynze By KawaiiKeena_2004 Updated Oct 13, 2016

Bella left Edward after he cheat on her, when Bella leave she pass an orphanage called Little Angels, she then adopted a child, she was a vampire well she was like Renessme

after 20 years, the Cullen's decided to pay a little visit on the Volturi, where they meet Renessme stepsister and the new Bella

Bella was the vampire queen while Anika was the vampire princess

  • alec
  • alice
  • anika
  • aro
  • bella
  • caius
  • carlisle
  • demeteri
  • edward
  • emmet
  • esme
  • félix
  • jacob
  • jane
  • jasper
  • marcuss
  • renessme
  • rosalie
  • tanya
ashleystew09 ashleystew09 Dec 22, 2016
What about your daughter it would be ok if you took her with you!
ashleystew09 ashleystew09 Dec 22, 2016
That's your kid you hug them and love on them no matter what. Bad Bella you have no idea what she is going through