The BadBoy's Past

The BadBoy's Past

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Gee A. Gonzalez By OfficialGeeGonzalez Updated May 21, 2017

"I know we're only seven years old but I want to marry you as soon as possible." I laughed at his randomness, he looked at me. "I want to have five kids with you, have a big house with a wall to keep all the bad people away from you." I smiled at him. 

"Hold my hand." He held my hand tightly. "I'll never let you go, Laura, remember that." 

Laura Hopper is a 17 year old girl with a tender, sweet, quiet heart. Laura was found in the streets at age seven with no memory of anything, only a book with her name with it. All her life, she's been having nightmares and a fear towards people. Never been in a public school before, her parents decided for her last year to be in a public school. 

Jonathan Toms is a 18 year old boy with an desire to find his lost love, angry towards himself and everyone else. He has shut off everyone just to focus on finding his love, still knowing and thinking she's alive. Just to be proven she may be out there but with no love towards him.

  • confusion
  • firstlove
  • humor
  • lostlove
  • memories
  • trust
YourAlteza YourAlteza Jul 31, 2016
"They probably think I'm dead, I smiled"...... does this sound creepy to anyone else
Badzixox Badzixox Jun 17, 2016
Is this like somehow like being the bad boys pet coz i swear theirs a chip,arnold and their last name is small
InnocentlittleRebel_ InnocentlittleRebel_ Aug 09, 2016
My heart is going to melt cuz of this story i intake of breath I'm ready! ♥
CerenityTurtle14 CerenityTurtle14 Nov 16, 2015
OMG ITS THE SHY GIRL FROM NEXT DOOR!!!! That took me a few minutes.
pandalover31 pandalover31 Jun 15, 2015
ummmm author, pretty please update!! like as soon as you can because this book will be very popular. i am telling you!!! love it!!!
shoham110 shoham110 May 19, 2015
I really like the idea of the story :) and it was areally good chapter :) cant wait to read more