Saving Elliot (Editing)

Saving Elliot (Editing)

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Rose By northbynorth Updated Jan 25

"I keep trying to think of ways to make myself hate you." 

"Kind of hard to do when you're in love with me, isn't it?" He said.

                                                                 *           *         * 

Meet Elliot Jensen; she's stubborn, sarcastic, short-tempered and ambitious.

Meet Elliot Fintry, he's impulsive, rude, cold, and reckless. 

It might be annoying having to share the same name as the person you hate, but it's even more annoying having to share the same house as them. He's everything she hates, so why does he make her heart pound at just the thought of him?   Winter and summer. Fire and water. North and south. Heaven and hell. This isn't a love story, this is a story about love.

 [ contains swearing (no seriously, there's a shitload of it) ]

  • british
  • romance
  • teen
iilahh_ iilahh_ Jan 23
Rereading the book because new chapters have come out and I need polish my memory
Axoxoxoxoxo Axoxoxoxoxo Feb 10
It's a new year and I'm still rereading this amazing ass book
Ryahussayn Ryahussayn Mar 10
Can anyone please help how can I read the whole book here?I'm having trouble
 #reread when I first read saving elliot, I never thought I would have a love/hate relationship irl ... f*ck, i relate now. not in a good way, damn the feels.
I fücking hate when people fücking swear like why the fück do you need to fücking swear in every fücking sentence it’s pointless as fück.
skybella7 skybella7 Jan 27
I read the original version, and let me just say it is my favorite book of all time. It's really amazing