Jonathan Hill is home alone on a stormy night, babysitting his baby sister who won't stop crying. When he finds her room door oddly locked, it's only the beginning to a horror filled night.
I thought it was very good it would be great to read on I was just getting into it.
I'm gonna be honest. I applauded your book it was nice but the tittle just doesn't. fit in with the story. nice work tho ✌️
I love it so much :D !! I thought he would survive , but he didn't :(
It was really good... but 
                                    U know.. The title was kinda...u know.... out of place.. 
Oh sweet Jesus!! I was so scared!!! Man, that was awesome!!!!!!
Omg omg omg I was sooooooo scared lool  I'm officaly creeped out now... ima gonna lock all the doors now...... and windows heheheheh xxxxx